3D panorama and VR

3D panorama and VR

3D panorama is a modern visualization tool that costs a step ahead of a normal photo. The uniqueness of spherical panoramas consists, first of all, in the ability to "look around" around you, rotating the image left-right, up and down, and also drawing or deleting the picture. At the same time, the panorama covers the maximum possible viewing angle - 360х180 degrees. Thus, there is an opportunity with the mouse to rotate the image according to your desire - as if you were turning your head, looking around.                         

Interior design in VR is a walk through the virtual model of your apartment in real scale. This is an opportunity to see, evaluate and compare several different planning solutions, and the main thing is to unerringly choose the best of them, relying not on guesswork, but on real dimensions.

Some examples of works

What is required from the client

What is required from the client

  • A planning solution with furniture arrangement

  • The plan for ceilings and luminaires, if the ceiling is simple - its textual description, for example - "a white equal ceiling, a luminaire in the center."

  • Floor plan, or text description, for example - "floor of the whole room is laminate" (and attach a link or picture to this laminate).

  • Deploying walls if there are complex decorative elements.

  • A selection of items for filling interior and decoration materials - wallpapers, floors, furniture, lamps, curtains, decoration, appliances.

  • Specify the required views on the plan.

  • What will be the view outside the window (storeys, countryside or city)

Prices 3d render of interior

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Prices 3d render of interior

The cost of visualizing the interior depends on many factors, such as the area of the room, the stylistics, the complexity of modeling furniture and decorative elements, the number of angles, variations with different types of lighting. To perform visualization of the interior at the highest level, the customer must prepare a technical assignment. The more detailed it will be, the more accurately we will be able to convey the ideas of the customer.

In the list of factors affecting the price of 3D visualization, you should include:

  • the complexity of the project                             
  • Urgency                             
  • degree of study;                             
  • presence / absence of source data                             
  • the number of resulting images;                             
  • sketch design.

How we are working


You can contact us by phone, skype, mail or leave a request on the site.


At this stage, we determine the tasks, study your material, estimate the scope of work and make a proposal for price and timing.

We show the projections of the project

At this stage, we give you sketches and rough renders, to adjust the style, composition and approval of the main components.


At this stage, we send you a small picture to confirm the missing parts and fix the deficiencies. We make 2-3 options if this is agreed.


Give you pictures in high resolution with post-processing in Photoshop.