3d modeling

Modeling an object, used in the field of design and design, allows you to see a prototype of a structure, commercial product or other object in a voluminous format.

  • furniture
  • lighting fixtures
  • decoration

3d rendering

You can visually see your own house in the future and understand how to use the whole space most rationally, and the designer will help with the choice of style elements and arrangement.

  • 3D visualization of interiors
  • 3D panorama
  • A virtual reality


During the existence of the studio, certain quality standards have been worked out, thanks to which our customers always receive 3d visualizations of the highest level. We have created a cohesive team of 3d visualizers that will be able to perform a huge amount of work for you on the 3d visualization of the project in the shortest possible time.

Our customers do not worry about the failure of the deadlines and know that the project will be delivered on time, as several 3d visualizers can work on one project at once. The presence of your own render-farm allows you to shorten the time for visualization rendering and thus to hand over the project to you as soon as possible. We will be glad to see you among our customers. Turning to us, you can be sure that all your ideas will be transmitted as accurately and beautifully as possible.

Some examples of works


Creating 360 ° 3D Stereo Panorama for VR

What is a panorama in the traditional sense? This is a widescreen photo taken from several frames that connect to increase the viewing angle. Creating a panorama, it is necessary to take a series of pictures, so that adjacent frames overlap with each other by 20-25 percent. Then you need to "glue" the received photos in any graphics editor. Subsequently, a long photograph is formed, which contains much more objects. Holds more, but not all!

Another version is a spherical 3D panorama that can convey the whole surrounding picture. In a spherical panorama, the viewing angle horizontally is 360 degrees, and in the vertical plane 180. This panorama is projected onto the inner part of the sphere using a special program. The viewer stays, as if in the central part of the sphere and is able to rotate it in different directions and see what is depicted there. At the same time, he receives a detailed presentation, as if visiting the shooting site.

Demo video


Until recently, it was possible to show your goods beautifully, only in two ways - video shooting and photos. Now the situation has dramatically changed and 3D visualization has gradually replaced the photo.                         
With the development of computer 3D technologies, volumetric modeling has reached a new level, it has become easier and more accessible. Visualization allows the customer to obtain photorealistic pictures of products, as well as display the necessary atmosphere and concept. The use of computer models optimizes design development, shortens the time for creating drawings.                         
Besides this, another undeniable advantage of computer graphics before the traditional photography is the obtaining of images on the basis of drawings, sketches or drawings. Even if the collections are not in physical embodiment, filling or expanding the site catalog with furniture collections is possible! This makes it possible to generate demand and optimize resources by investing in the assembly of only those items that are sold.